The Sauce

by john on December 8, 2002

Apparently French chefs have nothing to do all day but make reductions. We hosted a dinner party last night and for the main course I made Beef Wellington. To serve with this elegant dish I choose a sauce called “Marchand de Vin” which is a mushroom and wine sauce. I followed the recipe found in The Joy of Cooking.

One of the ingredients is a cup of Sauce Madeira, the recipe of which is on another page. So I start with that recipe. Actually I decided on the “Quick Brown Sauce” recipe instead because 30 minutes sounded better than two hours.

Now one of the ingredients for that sauce was beef stock, the recipe of which is on another page. So I start with that recipe. Well, actually I didn’t use that recipe either because 4 hours to make beef stock didn’t appeal to me either – that’s what Boullion Cubes are made for.

So after cooking, reducing, straining and stirring, even this accelerated recipe took about three hours time. But the sauce was really good and very well worth the time I thought.

Of course it was only after everyone had almost finished with their meals that someone inquired about the sauce that was on the table. The sauce I had forgot to mention. The frigging sauce I spent three hours on and didn’t use.


john December 9, 2002 at 8:38 pm

Note: I had left over wild rice for dinner tonight, topped with Marchand de Vin. Yummy!

Joe Grossberg December 26, 2002 at 5:46 pm

I’ve done the opposite a few times. I’ve cooked for an hour only to realize that I had one less thing than I needed … most recently the potatoes that were supposed to go with a lamb curry I made.

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