I’ve Been Found!

by john on December 11, 2002

At about 10:00 AM this morning somebody in New York, perhaps even South Salem, browsed over to Yahoo Search and proceeded to enter a search for snow storm in december 2002 new york

After scrolling one page into the 21,900 results returned they clicked on the 26th choice, which brought them here.

As a new blogger this just fascinates me. It’s the coolest thing.

Well, actually what would have been cooler is if it really had taken them here, in reality it took them here – or in other words, rather than go right to the article it took them to the main archive page.

One of the many things I need to learn is how to change my templates to be more search friendly. But we’ll save that for another time, for now I just want to go back and gaze in wonderment at my first search referral.

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