Phoenix Surfing

by john on December 27, 2002

Phoenix has changed the way I surf the Internet. I’ve been an Internet Explorer user from its beginning and despite occasional forays into Netscape, Opera and others I always went back to IE.

I’ve been using mostly Phoenix now for a few weeks (except at work) and I’m starting to be a convert. The feature I like best is the ability to spawn off new links as tabs rather than new browser windows as IE does. I’ve seen this feature in other browsers such as Opera but I hadn’t previouslly explored it much.

Now as I am reading a web page rather than leaving the page to explore a link I open the link as a new tab, which allows me to continue reading that site without the disruption normally caused by browsing “off page.” After I have scanned a site or two I’ll have a chunk of new tabs to go through at my leisure.

Another related feature is that you can set in your preferences how many tabs you want open on startup and which sites they should be loaded with. So rather than just setting my start page to Google like I do in IE I can set one tab to Google, one to this site, etc.

I just hope they do end up putting the spell checker back in or someone builds a plugin. I’ve come to rely on ieSpell.


Joe December 27, 2002 at 5:27 pm

Mozilla and Opera both had tabbed browsing before Phoenix was released. Why did you decide not to use them? Was the tabbed-browsing not publicized enough? And what sold you on Phoenix (it’s pretty obscure)? Just curious.

The other Moz/Netscape/Phoenix feature I can’t live without is popup-blocking. I used IE the other day, and I hadn’t realized how commonplace the JS abuse had become.

john December 27, 2002 at 5:59 pm

Good question! I like how Brad Choate described it here ( which gives me the feeling Phoenix is going to be mostly just a browser which is all I’m looking for.

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