Book Review – Live From New York

by john on December 29, 2002

Live from New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live offers an impressive array of viewpoints into the inner workings of arguably the most influential television show of the last 30 years.

Written as a series of remembrances from cast, writers and guests the book covers nearly 28 years of Saturday Night Live history in small bite-sized chunks, which at times is annoying but overall adds to the ease in which the book can be digested.

In fact, I read a few chapters while watching old re-runs of SNL and found that it really added to my enjoyment of the book.

I was particularly interested in learning a little about the relationship between the writers and the cast, especially when some were both. There were a number of great stories from the likes of Al Franken, Tom Davis, Rosie Shuster and many more.

While the book is titled “uncensored” there really isn’t much here that crosses over the line. Certainly anyone familiar with SNL would not be surprised by much of what is written, although I must say the image of Chris Farley sticking a pool cue up his butt and then licking it just to get a laugh at a party was more than I needed to know.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone interested in learning a little more about the history of Saturday Night Live.

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