Towards the Culture of Content

by john on January 1, 2003

As I’ve written about before I’m looking at blogging and tools like Movable Type as a way to increase the communication and knowledge sharing within the corporate setting. I’m intrigued by the ease in which such a system could allow a knowledge worker (I’m really just thinking about tech companies here) to share more openly with co-workers.

In the go-go 90’s anyone could build a company with little more than an idea and the business card of a friendly venture capitalist. Money flowed freely and success was had by all.

After three years of decline it is obvious that things are now different. Companies will need to be built on stronger foundations. One of the strongest foundations will be a culture of sharing and learning within the employee base that I have dubbed the “Culture of Content.”

In such a culture employees are not only encouraged to share, be open and engage in discourse and debate with their fellow employees, they are provided tools which will facilitate this with the ease of email, while offering the archiving, searching and most importantly, simplicity required to make this a living and growing culture.

The barrier between the employees who want to help build such a culture and the vision of what could be achieved is firmly rooted in the CMS system employed. It must be simple. It must be accessible from the sharpest engineer to the dimmest marketer (sorry, couldn’t resist!). If I want my CEO involved it better be as simple as sending an email. And most importantly, as each worker seeks to use their own voice and style, there must be a way to enable it without requiring them to spend hours figuring out how to tweak templates or more likely, depend on IT to do it.

Which brings me back to Movable Type. Unlike some other CMS providers of which I’m familiar, Ben and Mena “get it” – as evidenced by this announcement of a new feature for the next version of MT.

They have it exactly right.


Snapping Links January 1, 2003 at 4:58 pm

a thought for work?

Towards the Culture of Content – perhaps overly optimistic, but worth considering. (via BlogRoots)

Henry January 2, 2003 at 8:23 pm

Why do you think that access to weblogs would necessarily create a “culture of content” as opposed to the noise generated by Yahoo! groups? Maybe I’m simply cynical, but I don’t see how introducing the technology without a moderator will be useful. And if there needs to be multiple moderators in an enterprise (let’s say 1000+ employees), does the discourse come at too high a price for the company?

Keith January 7, 2003 at 1:21 am

You’re right on the money. I work for a non-profit hospital with a highly used Intranet and well over 1,000 employees and we decided to use Movable Type for a whole slew of things both on our Intranet and external marketing site. We spent quite a bit of money on a Cold Fusion based CMS that frankly, just didn’t cut it. With MT we have a system set up that, while it doesn’t do everything, it handles quite a bit with ease and ease of use. So far it’s been like a magic pill that makes problems go away.

I can’t wait to see how it grows and evolves.

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