Jabberings #1

by john on January 6, 2003

I’m #5 in Google for joe millionaire winner – so weird. But I’m getting a lot of hits for people looking for the winner, and sorry, I can’t help.

I spent some time on the L coming in from Midway trying out access to my website on my Nextel phone. Was pleased to see how fast it loaded. Not pleased to notice that my content is last and requires paging page after page before actually seeing anything in the phone browser. Noticed that about half the blog links did not work at all, I’m suspecting a doctype issue.

From Phil I got a great link to some Phoenix extensions. I’m partial to Tabbed Browsing Extensions.

The last few airports I have been in have stopped doing random inspections at the gate and have stopped requiring ID at the gate. I’ve been pleased with the professionalism of the screeners, unlike the experience of one Penn Jillette.

If you are ever in Chicago you can’t go wrong having dinner at Nick’s Fishmarket.

Absorbed Prey, review will have to wait. Good read though.

Just remembered that it’s 2003. Damn.

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Henry January 7, 2003 at 10:36 pm

Steak at The Tavern on Rush Street is highly recommended as well…

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