In London

by john on January 15, 2003

London Bus
photo credit: judepics

I’m in London for a few days, for the first time since 1976 – and you can hardly count that.

Some early observations:

  • “Waiter, there’s a hard boiled egg in my club sandwich.”
  • My goodness but the taxis are huge. You could fit a small army in one.
  • You just don’t read sentences like this in the States: “What a delightful goulash of a walk this is.”

The secret to traveling internationally is that you need to immediately adjust to the local time even if that means you haven’t slept in over 24 hours. Sometimes I’m good at it – other times I’m not. Unfortunately this trip I wasn’t, I just had to take a quick snooze this afternoon. I know better – hopefully I’ll still adjust.

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