Catching Up

by john on January 20, 2003

A lot of interesting things have been going on in the web log world that I need to get caught up with:

Burningbird has spent some time documenting her Threadneedle Strategy, which describes how to maximize the use of comments, trackback, backtrack and other technology enhancements. Shelley’s web log is evolving before our eyes during which she is inspiring a lot of innovation. I’d like to see her add a related entries list to the individual entries archive.

Ben Hammersley has collected a nice list of trackback related thinking.

Mark Pilgrim is deep in the midst of a complete overhaul of his web log, driven by his disenfranchisement from the W3C and XHTML. To quote Mark:

Standards are bullshit. XHTML is a crock. The W3C is irrelevant.

Agree or disagree with his stance as you must, but pay attention to how his web log evolves because as with Shelley’s you will learn something in the process.

Brad Choate also went through a recent redesign. I’ll be spending some time going over his redesign list.

Jonathon Delacour is focusing his redesign on his fonts, driven by comments from Mac users.

It seems that redesign is a constant theme, which is no surprise as I believe each of these web loggers has a software development background. It’s just never done!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get caught up on my reading while my body clock is still out of whack from London.

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