Tonight’s Changes

by john on January 24, 2003

Made the following changes (improvements?) to the web log tonight:

Added daily archives
Now if you click on a day on the calendar rather than being brought to the first entry of the day you will be brought to a page which includes all entries for that day. The interesting thing here was that since I was already using the date-based archive template for my monthly archive (if you click on the monthly archive you will see the calendar view for the whole month, courtesy of Mark Pilgrim) when I initially enabled this clicking on the day brought up the calendar for the month. After thinking about that for awhile and perusing the Movable Type doc I learned you can setup multiple archive templates:

Archive templates define the look and feel or your blog archives. For each archive type that you choose (see ARCHIVING), you can associate multiple archive templates with that archive type; this allows for different “views” of the same set of archived entries. For example, you might wish to create two different views of your monthly archives: a page containing each of the entries for a particular month, and a calendar view of that month. Or, you could use different templates to create hi-fi and lo-fi versions of your archives.

Too cool.

Added category archives
I had already turned on category archives I just had not exposed them via the links, which I have now done. I also changed the path for the category archives so each category has its own directory. I still need to clean up my categories a bit too.

Auto ping for book reviews
Not a change you’ll notice, but I added a ping to Book Review Repository for my Book Review category. I had not realized Anders had an unsorted category to choose from, which certainly makes my job easier as I really wanted to keep just a single category for reviews and I know I would forget to ping his site if it wasn’t automatic. Maybe if I ask nicely he’ll move them to the right category when he rebuilds. 🙂

Added Google related articles
See the previous article for the full scoop; this took a bit longer than planned. Only other thing to note is that I have chosen to use keywords instead of title for the search, which means I need to remember to enter keywords for all of my articles.


shaky September 13, 2003 at 7:36 am

I want to do the same, have the date link to my daily archive index. What do I need to change in the calender code?


shaky September 13, 2003 at 7:44 am

Ah, got it.



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