Joe Millionaire Winner

by john on February 17, 2003

So Joe Millionaire fans listen up, I’ve found a great resource for buying interesting Joe Millionaire related items including mint condition Playboy magazines featuring former Joe girls. Wow, imagine that!

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Now back to our regular program…

Like adding fuel to the fire, I will post my thought’s on the winner of Joe Millionaire. I’ve never watched Joe Millionaire but I’ve been like a voyeur watching from the sidelines as I get wave after wave of people coming to my site to learn who did actually win, seeing as I’m the #1 hit on Google for joe millionaire winner 3200 hits on that search this month alone, plus another 1000 or so on variants. That’s a lot for me. More than a lot – my next non-Joe search brought in 50 hits. And tonight is the night we learn who wins, so I’m preparing for the onslaught later this evening.

Keeping in mind I’ve never watched the show – the winner will be Joe himself. He’ll also be shown for the money grubbing fool he is. Because all along we’ve (well, you’ve) assumed the ladies were the gold-diggers out for his money, but in the end you’ll see that when torn between his new found love and the offer of $1,000,000 in cold, hard cash, our hero will choose the money.

You heard it here first.

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Joe Grossberg February 17, 2003 at 10:02 pm

Yo man, check out the comments I got ( ) regarding my Google-whoring. They run the gamut from theories that he’s really twins to obscenities and anti-Semitism.

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