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by john on February 18, 2003

“Play Ball!”

Your Minnesota Twins held their first official workout of spring training yesterday, and their was much rejoicing. Unlike a 2002 beginning that had them coming off talks of contraction and leaving town, 2003 has fans remembering a wonderfully fun season that brought back World Series memories of ’87 and ’91, even if we did come up a little short in ’02.

Can we repeat as American League Central division champions again this year and take it all the way to the World Series?

Well, we have a few things in our favor:

* David Ortiz is gone.
* Torii Hunter will get better.
* Solid team chemistry
* They aren’t afraid of winning anymore.

And a few things against us:

* Eddie Guardado’s ego
* Eric Milton’s knee
* The Chicago White Sox adding Billy Koch and Bartolo Colon

Apparently at least one major sports outlet thinks the Twins can win. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Mientkiewicz and Pierzynski said they believe many “so-called experts” will make the White Sox the division favorites. But The Sporting News’ preseason magazine ranked the Twins No. 1 among all teams in their power rankings, ahead of even the Yankees, George Steinbrenner’s $150 million international All-Star team.

I’m not sure I believe that myself, but it sure beats the cellar where we had been finding ourselves for a few years. The Twins are a great small market team in that they know how to build a team organically, but for fans this often means years of poor play.

The rewards though, as we found in ’87 and ’91, can be fantastic. Win Twins!


Scott Chaffin February 19, 2003 at 10:55 pm

By god, I love it! Bloggers are the biggest baseball fans. Why is that, I wonder?

Dan Shafer February 20, 2003 at 2:06 pm

Woohoo! Another baseball blogger. I’m a long-time (and former) full-time sports writer. I cover the Giants and the A’s from my blog almost daily. Last year, blogging pioneer Dave Winer and I blogged much of the World Series in real time and had great fun doing it.

You being a baseball fan and commenting on blogging a bit has earned you a spot on my blog roll!

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