I Need to Learn How to Take Digital Pictures

by john on February 22, 2003

A terrible picture of the moon

I’ve owned an Olympus C-700 UltraZoom for a couple of years now. I’ve taken about a dozen decent pictures with it. A good craftsman never blames his tools and while I’m certainly no craftsman, I suspect the problem is all me.

That picture to the left is the moon. Seriously. Last night we had the most beautiful golden moon and I tried in vain to take a picture of it. I used regular zoom, digital zoom, no zoom. I fiddled knobs and turned dials. I balanced the camera on the roof of my car to steady it. I did everything short of summoning the spirit of film.

Nothing I did resulted in any picture better than this one. So frustrating! Am I supposed to be able to take pictures of bright objects in the dark with this camera? I certainly hope so.

This one isn’t much better but the subject is dearer to me.

Connor's attempt at snowboarding

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Dan January 3, 2007 at 5:35 pm

John I found this site to be somewhat useful

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