Improved RSS 1.0 Template

by john on March 2, 2003

For those of you reading this via an aggregator like NewsMonster, NetNewsWire, amphetaDesk or Syndirella (what I’m currently toying with), I’ve improved the RSS 1.0 template based on suggestions in the article Making Feature-Rich, Movable Type RSS Files by Ben Hammersley [via Six Log].

The instructions in the article are self-explanatory so I’ll just mention a couple of tips that weren’t made clear to me in Ben’s article. First of all if you follow the steps he outlines in the article without looking closely at the final template he provides you will miss the fact that he has added some critical namespace declarations at the top of the template. If you make the changes he suggests without declaring those additional namespaces then your RSS will generate errors and will not validate.

So be sure to look at the template at the end of the article and include the new namespace declarations in yours if you are going to follow his instructions.

Here’s another tip – use the RSS Validator to validate your feed.

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