Upsize Minnesota

by john on March 5, 2003

Running a business magazine has always been a risky proposition, even more so these days (witness the recent death of Red Herring, and other magazines coming in with 50 pages that used to carry 250), so it was quite refreshing this fall to be sent the debut issue of a new business magazine, aimed at the small-business community, called Upsize Minnesota. Glad to see some people still have the courage of their convictions to start such a venture in the face of such a difficult environment.

If you don’t live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (more like 15,000 depending on what you call a lake) don’t be put off by the title – the editors pack a lot of great content into these pages.

The articles are what you would expect to see in such a magazine – the founders of XIOtech discussing their successful sale and new entrepreneurial adventure, advice on getting capital, tips on creating business plans, advice columns, etc. Admittedly it’s got a lot of local flavor that clearly will appeal to anyone working or living in Minnesota but while we are no Silicon Valley we’ve got a lot of interesting stories too – and you would find yourself reading them here first.

I particularly like the Business Builders section which contains a number of brief stories on topics such as Strategy, Banking, Technology, Law, Management and Marketing.

The magazine is clean and easy to read, but has enough graphics in it to make it visually appealing as well. Probably won’t appeal to the artsy-fartsy crowd but too bad for them, they’ll miss out.

Upsize Minnesota says their mission is to help small-business owners build bigger and more profitable companies. Small-business owner or not, Minnesotan or not, I think you’ll appreciate the content in this magazine and encourage you to give it a try.

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