The Next Big Thing

by john on March 9, 2003

Red Vibrator
photo credit: hypertypos

If you read my previous article you can imagine that our investment club has been having more than a few discussions on what will be The Next Big Thing that will return the markets back to the boom of the go-go Nineties. While many believe we’ll never get anywhere near that again I believe differently. Trading volumes are way down and people are being much more cautious but I believe that in the end greed will prevail and when things do start turning around in the economy things will start to ramp up in the market, and if the Next Big Thing arrives we could get back to another boom.

So what will be The Next Big Thing? According to Charles Piller in Five Reasons to Hope [ via DUH BLOG] there are five new technologies that could generate the “radical, disruptive business models” that will define the future:

Electro-bio Convergence
Nanotechnology Processors
Flexible Electronics
Mining Unstructured Data

All of that adds up to one possibility for The Next Big Thing: Virtual Sex. You heard it hear first.

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