Jabberings #3

by john on March 12, 2003

Been in Chicago for a few days, just catching up:

Went to the Bulls/Lakers game last night. Amazingly the Bulls won quite handily. Shaq was totally shut down and didn’t stop much on defense and the Bulls were shooting the lights out at 3-pointers. I wasn’t looking forward to much of a game but it actually was pretty entertaining. Of course it’s always easier when you are watching from a penthouse suite and dining on rare fillet.

Tip: When flying out of Midway always move to the far right security line. This line moves about 3.3 times faster than any of the other lines for two reasons – first, that as it gets closer to the security gates the line splits across three separate scanners whereas each other line only goes to one. Second, it is next to the private employee line but when things are slow they will let some people go through the ropes. Alas, they always pick people with no bags and I always have a couple, but it still makes my line move faster and that’s a good thing.

Tip: When taking the Metra train grab one of the upper level seats which are singles as compared to the lower level seats which are doubles. Why take the risk of sitting next to someone you don’t want to be sitting next to?

I was right to be worried about Eric Milton’s knee as reports have him out as long as six months. Showing us that the Twins are still serious about winning they have signed Kenny Rogers to a one year contract.

Oh Kirby, what a great ball player you were. Too bad you turned out to be such a shitty person.

When I was at Midway I heard the news story on Elizabeth Smart being found. Amazing. I can’t imagine how this news has impacted other parents of stranger abductions that have never been solved, such as Jacob Wetterling. I also pray for the safe return of a mother of a child in my son’s preschool class last year.

I don’t know what to say about this article, which links to some amazing footage of an attack on an Al Qaeda compound, other than I’m glad it wasn’t me running around down there.

Not that I’ll ever need it, but mod_throttle sounds like it could be very useful if Slashdotted.

60 degrees this weekend. I can dig it.

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