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by john on March 17, 2003

Some interesting things:

eBay RSS feed
From Andrew Baio of comes the code for creating an RSS feed from an eBay search. Give it a try on his site. I’ve been thinking of doing something with MT-RSS Feed and this could be an interesting addition.

How to do version control with CVS
From Aaron Swartz come the first in a series of how-tos focused on technology/programming issues. I’ve played just a bit with CVS in the past and this article should be the kick in the pants I need to take another look.

Zen and the Art of Bugfixing
From David Sifry an instructive article on debugging query performance in mySQL using a real-world example that he just resolved. I enjoyed this article because not only was it interesting and real but it was quite entertaining (as far as writing about bug-tracking goes).

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-007
Another day, another vulnerability in IIS. I particularly like one of the FAQS:

Who could exploit the vulnerability?

Any user who could deliver a WebDAV request to an affected web server could attempt to exploit the vulnerability. Because WebDAV requests travel over the same port as HTTP (normally port 80), this in essence means that any user who could establish a connection with an affected server could attempt to exploit the vulnerability.

In other words, anyone with a browser attached to a network.

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David Sifry March 18, 2003 at 12:08 am

Well, thanks for the kind review of the essay. I just love Technorati – it helps me find out about all these neat conversations going on around us that are just out of earshot (linkshot?), like finding your blog via my Technorati watchlist.

I’ll be trying out that chili recipe soon, sounds yummy!


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