Locking Down the Weblog

by john on March 21, 2003

So I’m in the middle of writing an article on the use of weblogs in the corporate and academic settings and I revisit a previous post I made regarding a great example of a simple use of a weblog, providing network status for the UEN network. It was a particularly interesting example because it was all business, most of which of course was extremely boring for someone not using that network. However there was some interesting items, especially when they documented which machines were infected with which worms and other internal details of the network. The administrators of the weblog were extremely open with the public.

In fact, too open. Trying to access Network Operations Standup Information now results in:

Access Restricted!
Due to Security Concerns for the information possibly posted to this site, Access to this Site has been restricted to Internal Networks only.

There goes that example. However, given the sensitive nature of their content, definitely the right thing to do. Surprised it took so long.

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