NWA Layoffs

by john on March 21, 2003

NWA(Northwest Airlines) announced today their plans to cut 4,900 jobs and reduce the number of flights by 12%. That makes about 14,000 layoffs in the last couple of years, a very painful issue for this Minnesota-based carrier.

According to news reports NWA was able to do this layoff despite Union contracts because they claimed the war with Iraq gave them the right to invoke the force majeure clause of the contract, which allowed them to get out of the contract in the event of a singular event such as war. Of course the skeptics are saying the timing of the war couldn’t have been better for them.

I’ve got 4 flights on NWA next week and a total of 5 booked trips with them currently, so I’m certainly interested to see the impact on service. Something tells me this won’t make it any better, that’s for sure.

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