Beyond the Personal Weblog

by john on March 28, 2003

As I’ve written before in Weblogs @ Work and in a few other articles, I am interested in the use of weblogs outside the world of personal journal. Following are some interesting links along that theme.

Jon Udell writes about the use of weblog technology as a simple project communication mechanism in Publishing a Project Weblog.

In a series of articles (Part One, Part Two & Part Three) Keith Robinson from asterisk* documents a project of re-engineering a hospital intranet including the use of Movable Type as a simple CMS (Content Management System). I’ve been following Keith’s weblog since he commented on one of my weblog articles and I’m really glad to see the success that he has had with this project and the fact he is writing about it. A great example of how a simple and cheap solution like Movable Type can be used.

While my domain is the business world and I am mostly interested in the application of weblogs within that setting I have been following some academic institutions that are recognizing the importance of weblogs.

On the Stanford ITSS Blog Project page there is an article explaining their choice to use Movable Type as their weblog tool.

Harvard has really committed to weblogs, as evidenced by their Weblogs at Harvard Law page but even more by their funding of a fellowship for Dave Winer to head up the project. That would appear to be an extraordinary move for such an institution and it will be interesting to see how it pays off.

Finally, I’ll give Paolo Valdemarin the last word from his article Blogging=Investing:

Besides using “social capital” to measure countries’ economic power, I belive that the same concept can be applied to any community. Applied to the weblogs community, this concept help explaining the huge power that has been unleashed by blogging.
Reading other people’s weblogs creates trust and efficiency, and it’s an excellent base to build businesses and relationships.
This is interesting also for k-logging (or Business Journalling): if a country with a better community is richer, then also a company with a better developed trust and efficiency amoung its workers is going to be better off than others.
So, no, we are not wasting time writing on our weblogs, we’re investing.

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Beyond the Personal Weblog

John talks a bit about weblogs and weblog software in the work environment. Be sure to visit Dave’s setup at Harvard Law. I’m writing a proposal for the non-profit I’m currently working with on something very similar. Right now I&#821…

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