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by john on April 6, 2003

So Joe Millionaire fans listen up, I’ve found a great resource for buying interesting Joe Millionaire related items including mint condition Playboy magazines featuring former Joe girls. Wow, imagine that!

Check out the Joe Millionaire auctions on Amazon.com!

Now back to our regular program…

Spurred on by Eric Barzeski presenting his monthly referral search terms I’ve decided to do something similar on a quarterly basis, sort of in-between his and the Google Zeitgeist. The data is filtered to exclude traffic coming from my internal network.

Average hits per day: 1,376
Average visitors per day: 215

Q1 2003 Traffic Chart

Those big spikes in February were caused by me being #1 on Google for joe millionaire winner and a host of other Joe related searches. Unfortunately it makes for a rather boring Top 20 list for Q1.

Search phrase                   Hits      Hits (%)
joe millionaire winner          5,083     44.57%
joe millionaire                   620	   5.44%
winner of joe millionaire         405      3.55%
who won joe millionaire           335      2.94%
macro magic                       288      2.53%
ask geeves.com                    212      1.86%
winner joe millionaire            179      1.57%
quicken upgrade                   164      1.44%
quicken 2004                      157      1.38%
performance reviews               109      0.96%
joe millionaire zora               88      0.77%
joe millionaire discussion         81      0.71%
www.ask geeves.com                 64      0.56%
joe millionaire  winner            62      0.54%
joe millionaire   winner           60      0.53%
joe millionaire girls              59      0.52%
zora joe millionaire               58      0.51%
joe millionaire who won            53      0.46%
the winner of joe millionaire      50      0.44%
turbo tax upgrade                  45      0.39%

Out of the 1562 unique search terms used to get to my site in Q1, these are some of the most baffling or in some way interesting (to me anyway). You’ve got to wonder about people sometimes.

2003 email address of company of john
book review for live from new york: an uncensored history of saturday night live by tom shales and james andrew miller
joe millionaire sandals
danish girls from aalborg
what happens now that joe millionaire has chosen zora
why would you not find an enterprise network in the real world that exactly fits the osi model?
why doesnt johns html file read johns xml file
joe millionaire winner joe millionaire winner joe millionaire winner
my package of ground chuck is brown and red instead of only red. is this bad?

Thanks for visiting. See you next quarter.

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Joe Grossberg April 8, 2003 at 10:50 am

This stuff never ceases to amuse me. Here are some gems from Google that (mis-)led people to my site:

* Mozilla Sidebar gay
* +traditional +”Greek family” +photos
* hack into playboy site centerfold
* site:blogspot.com gay programmer
* compare raised toilet seat

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