This is no Classic

by john on April 19, 2003

I’ve been around computers and computer games since the late seventies. When I think of the word “classic” in relation to computer games I think of Pong, Adventure or Space Wars. Cabinet games like Space Invaders or Asteroids. Hell, even Space Duel, which I actually have still in my parent’s basement (much to their chagrin). Here it is on the cover of the Who’s It’s Hard album.

So it came as a bit of a shock to me last week when filling out the New York Times crossword puzzle on my flight to Chicago (yes I solved it, but only because it was a Tuesday – later in the week they get tough and on Sunday, forget about it) the letters PONG did not fit for that 4 letter word with the clue “Classic computer game.” Surprisingly what did fit was MYST. As in Robyn and Rand Miller’s 1993 game Myst.

Does Myst have it’s place in the history of computer games? Absolutely. But a classic? Not yet.

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