Holiday Birthdays

by john on April 20, 2003

Connor turned six today. According to this source Easter has not fallen on April 20th since 1930, but will again in eleven years (2014) and than another eleven (2025) and then not again until 2087.

It’s sort of sad to think about that. He won’t have a bunny delivered Easter basket next time, and the time after that we could very well be grandparents. And we won’t be around in 2087.

But at least he’ll get the chance to do it a few times. My father was born on Easter day, April 25th, 1943. He’s going to have to make it to 95 to see the only other time it has fallen on that day since he was born.

Now I get a double-whammy with my birthday a lot more often since the rules for Father’s Day are every third Sunday in June. So this year June 15th is both Father’s Day and my birthday.

Somehow, though, that never seems to translate into double the gifts.

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