Quicksilver Due

by john on May 10, 2003

Neil Stephenson’s next novel Quicksilver is due out this fall, September 23rd to be exact. Check out the excerpt and sign up for Neil Stephenson News. Thanks to AMCGLTD for the tip.

Quicksilver is titled Volume One of the Baroque Cycle which would definitely mean there is more to come down this path. I wonder if some of the criticism for Cryptonomicon being too long got to him? I like the idea of including historical characters, and it will be especially interesting to see his characters interact with Samuel Pepys, who as you may not know is “blogging today”:http://www.pepysdiary.com/ from the 17th century.

I’ve got a 1st edition copy of Stephenson’s The Big U that I’ve been holding off selling until I gauge that Stephenson is at the peak of his career and I’m betting we are nowhere near there yet.

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