by john on May 10, 2003

Met with Microsoft this week at the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago to discuss Yukon (next generation MS SQL Server) and other Business Solutions applications.

I find it a bit ironic that one of the things we learned was that the delay in Yukon and some of their other initiatives was caused by a six month “all hands on deck” effort to focus on security. Ironic because later in the day we met them came word of a major security flaw in Passport that allowed anyone to easily change a users password, a snafu which surely will lead to Microsoft in deep do-do with the FTC for violating the terms of their consent decree.

Didn’t sign an NDA but we probably have a blanket one binding so I’m not going to say anything specific about what we learned, but I will be happy to play with the beta of their embedded reporting capabilities, as announced by eWeek earlier this year.

Favorite quote of the day: “Companies with $40 Billion in cash can do both”, when detailing the plans for continuing to support legacy applications such as Solomon and Great Plains while at the same time moving forward with the next generation financial applications on a common codebase.

A company with that much cash can do a lot of other things too, and the Microsoft Technology Center is a showcase for it. In the executive boardroom where we were they sport a 7 foot by 5 foot monitor for presentations, along with a couple more 42″ ones on the side for good measure. A wonderfully stocked library in the employee lounge. OK, so that foosball table didn’t cost too much, and every surviving dotbomb still has one or two, but still, I was jealous. One thing I liked was just off the lobby they have a glass wall where you can see into the server room showing off racks of gleaming Dell and HP servers. The MTC is a showcase not only for Microsoft technology but a number of their partners as well.

I continue to play with and keep a close eye on mySQL but for now at work we are dedicated to Microsoft technology, which is a good thing since I love SQL Server and they are so much easier to do business with than the other major Database players.

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