Mandy Berwick

by john on May 16, 2003

All you need to know about Mandy Berwick.

May 5th strip

Google “Mandy Berwick”

Somebody had to do it.

[UPDATE] – Finally after four days Google wakes up and indexes a bunch of other sites trying to be smart asses by referencing Mandy Berwick. Hasn’t hit all of them yet but you can see that it’s coming via Google Dance.


Rick May 21, 2003 at 10:46 am

I found your site on google, searching for mandy. Just curious how many people had the same idea I did 🙂 It is really taking off now.

Joe Grossberg May 21, 2003 at 11:06 am

Heh. Still no hits. I wonder why Google won’t hasn’t indexed it yet.

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