Jabberings #4

by john on May 25, 2003

Catching up on a few links:

Can’t remember where I originally found a reference to this, but Web Search for a Planet: The Google Cluster Architecture is the best writeup I’ve seen to date of the Google architecture, no surprise since it’s authors are three Google engineers.

This is a weblog? St. Paul Pioneer Press starts a weblog – cool, another example of mainstream media embracing weblogs, right? Well, not really.

Here’s the drill: Email your tale to Amy Nelson and we’ll post the best of the best each week on this site. The ground rules are we’ll use first names only, we’ll edit the entries for clarity and style, we’ll post no entries that feature profanity, lewd language or other naughtiness and we’ll control the content and selection of the post of the week.

Brilliant Quicktime Demo of Half Life 2 [via Waxy.org]. Never played the first one but based on this I may have a look, very impressive. Coming September 30th.

Phil is impressed with Downloader.BO.B.dr, a relatively recent dropper for the Downloader.BO.B trojan. The delivery mechanism is via an .hta file which (no surprise here) is a Microsoft proprietary file which only runs in IE. It stands for HTML Application and is just as bad as downloading any .exe. You can include ActiveX controls, scripts, pretty much anything you want in an .hta file, all running trusted. And because most people have no idea what it is it makes a very good dropper for a virus.

Lawrence Lessig has kicked off a whole bunch of people taking illegal (to them anyway) photos at Starbucks. I’m still off of caffeine so I won’t be joining (although heaven help me I am drinking decaf this morning.)

Russell Beatie writes about a projection keyboard for PDAs or cell phones. I’ve seen these before but every time I see it I’m impressed – very cool.

Only in Japan – grown men participate in things like the Daikon Dance, a militaristic drill centered on the Daikon Radish, which any Iron Chef fan should immediately recognize. The fourth picture down is simply classic. Thanks Jeremy!

[UPDATE] – I just have to add this one. Imagine this geek showing up at his next LAN party with the coolest case mod ever. [via Kasia]

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