Visiting the Friendly Confines

by john on May 28, 2003

Finally got the chance to visit the friendly confines of Wrigley Field in an afternoon game with people from work today. Outdoor baseball is the best, even on a rainy day like today. It’s why even though I’m a huge Twins fan I prefer to watch the Saints play in person. The Metrodome is sterile, cavernous, and simply terrible for baseball.

Left the office at noon, got back shortly after four. Good conversation, some even work related, and a thrilling Cubs win. What a great way to spend the afternoon – Chicagoans have it pretty lucky with great transportation to both the Cubs and White Sox games (both on the Red Line).

Years from now we may be doing the same in Minnesota – taking the light rail out to the new retractable roof stadium we are sure to build. I’m sure it will be a wee bit bigger than Wrigley, which seems amazingly small from the stands.

That’s the Bulls, Blackhawks and Cubs I’ve been able to see now – hopefully the stars will align and I’ll get to a White Sox vs. Twins game this year.

Of course people around here would be even happier with Cubs vs. Twins in the World Series. I’d take that too.

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