Jabberings #5

by john on June 27, 2003

From Shelley Powers, everything you need to know about DNS – Burningbird: Internet For Poets: DNS — What’s in a Name?

Aaron Swartz describes Google’s new AdSense program. He’s got a simple little form to see what ads Google would serve up for any URL.

Bunch of updates to Feedster including making the RSS feeds for search results valid, so finally my Recipes category template works like it should. Click on the Recipe category link and see the pull from Feedster. Of course the results tend to be hit and miss since recipe is a fairly common word to describe things other than food recipes.

If I post a comment on someone else’s site it’s never easy to keep track of the replies. Especially true if I happen to run across a new blog and I comment without bookmarking it. What I’d like to see is a simple way to flag a page to detect changes on it and email me when changes occur. I know there are services that do that, and it should be easy enough to write a little piece of javascript to tie into one.

Forgot to mention these articles on Corante from earlier in June – Using Weblogs to Manage IT and Blogs for IT Management – Follow-up

FeedDemon beta is out. RSS aggregator from creator of Homesite and TopStyle. Downloading as I type.

Speaking of aggregators, may be time to look at Newsmonster again. The integration with Technorati that David Sifry describes sounds very cool.

Last weekend I’m in a 9 handed 6-12 Hold’em game with QQ UTG. Raise, 4 callers. Flop comes JT3. I bet, it’s raised by the 4 seat, I re-raise and he calls. We are now heads u Turn is a 6. I bet, he calls. River is the 7. I bet, he raises and I call. He shows 77. I say nice hand but you know what I was thinking. Well, maybe you don’t.

Best customer complaint letter ever.

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