Q2 2003 Zeitgeist

by john on July 1, 2003

Another quarter has come and gone here at John’s Jottings. In the spirit of the Google Zeitgeist I present the Q2 2003 Zeitgeist. The data is filtered to exclude traffic coming from my internal network.

Average hits per day: 3,141 (+128%)
Average visitors per day: 333 (+55%)

Q2 2003 Traffic Chart

In Q1 joe millionaire winner made up about 45% of the hits from searches – in Q2 things are spread out a bit better:

Search phrase                   Hits    Hits (%)
catfish noodling                1317    9.26%
noodling                        1094    7.70%
macro magic                     1017    7.15%
coq au vin                      821     5.78%
noodling catfish                700     4.92%
joe millionaire winner          311     2.19%
coq au vin recipe               211     1.48%
noodling for catfish            195     1.37%
quicken 2004                    184     1.29%
recipe baklava                  137     0.96%
movable type templates          129     0.91%
joe millionaire                 105     0.74%
no suitable installation
target found for package     95      0.67%
quicken upgrade                 86      0.60%
baklava recipe                  77      0.54%
coleen rowley                   76      0.53%
star_wars_kid.wmv               71      0.50%
recipe coq au vin               69      0.49%
how to smoke a cigar            67      0.47%

Out of the 3525 (+126%) unique search terms used to get to my site in Q2, these are some of the most baffling or in some way interesting (to me anyway). You’ve got to wonder about people sometimes.

what are some sports?
email address of john in utah 2003 – Good luck!
need a good satisfying book to read
johns next job – I hope he found it on Google.
john is a geek
how to tell someone to shut up – Shut up!
how to bring luck to my dice
how expensive is nicks fishmarket as of 2003? – Plenty!
how much money does the argosy casino make by people betting and then losing – Plenty!
what would you have done differently with the benefit of hindsight? – Plenty!

I also get some pretty weird searches people do directly on my site via the built-in search functionality. The weirdest came in on June 13th: attack new york city next time attackon monday june16 2oo3. Why use os instead of 0s? Is this some sort of weird search spam by someone trying to worry bloggers into thinking another attack is coming? Very odd.

In general the increase in hits is directly related to the increase in content which then results in an increase of people coming via a search. Of course very few of those actually turn into regular readers. To those who are – thank you.

Thanks for visiting. See you next quarter.

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