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by john on July 3, 2003

The Memorial Tournament
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I’m on vacation this week and have managed to get in 54 holes of golf so far – each one different than the other. That’s what I love about golf; even playing on the same course you will never have two rounds the same. Every shot is a new challenge. It’s the reason why some people call golf frustrating but to me it’s part of the experience.

Darts is frustrating; golf is not. I used to play in a darts league and the very definition of frustrating is knowing that every time you toe the line you are in a situation where every thing is exactly the same as the previous shot, but for some reason this time you hit the 1 instead of the triple 20. You are throwing a 27 gram dart to an object 1.74m off the floor 2.37m away and the only reason you don’t hit exactly what you want every single time is your lack of skill. Everything else is the same. To me that was the ultimate in frustration.

With golf you will find yourself hitting out of a sandy divot from the middle of the fairway. A perfect drive ruined. You’ll have to remember what a sidehill lie does to your flightpath. Don’t even mention the word undulating to me any more. Every shot unique. That’s why I love golf.

I’m not that good a golfer but I can get around OK. I’m playing right now to a 16 handicap and it will probably improve a couple strokes through the summer as I play a bit more than usual. A few years ago what I was looking for every round was one shot that would be like what a pro would make. That was all I was asking for – one shot. One great drive, approach or putt that would make your normal PGA pro happy and I would be ecstatic.

These days I’ve set my sites higher – that one hole that I played as well as any PGA professional. Yesterday I managed that, and on the 18th hole no less. 305 yard drive striped down the middle of the fairway. 100 yard wedge stuck to within 15 feet of the pin. Birdie putt with a two foot left to right curl drained. Man was that a nice way to end the day. It’s what brings you back.

Golf frustrating? Nah. Of course if I had sent that birdie putt 3 feet past the cup and then missed the comebacker I may have a different opinion. No doubt the next time I play that hole I’ll put my drive in the water, chunk my approach, hit it to within 30 feet and 3 putt for the triple bogey.

OK, maybe that would be frustrating.

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Donn Glenn July 6, 2003 at 10:31 am

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