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by john on July 5, 2003

David Raynes has released a public beta of the Movable Type Plugin Manager. They may have fixed this bug already but in case not, in order to get it working you need to change “param” to “params” on line 197 of

For some reason it did not manage to detect any of my installed plugins but I have been able to add them manually. I also appear to be having a problem installing any plugin that uses .zip instead of .tar – could be a problem with my version of Archive::Zip, I’ll have to look more closely when I have time later.

Anyway, good idea with active development – I expect this to develop nicely.


David Raynes July 5, 2003 at 12:04 pm

You’ll want to download it again. On my way out of the house to start our errands for the day, I realized that I left a big ol’ bug in there last night. I only just now got home and was about to fix it.

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