Tiger Trap

by john on July 10, 2003

Open 24 Hours at Austads Golf

The latest ad from Tiger Woods has him surprising a number of amateur golfers by challenging them to a closest to the pin contest. It’s filmed via hidden cameras and is actually pretty well done. Check out the Tiger Trap video on buick.com.

In the ads Tiger is shown surprising a number of foursomes by claiming he had left his wedge behind. Once he meets everyone and gets his wedge back he offers the challenge and indicates that if someone beats him they would get a new vehicle. Apparently four people did actually knock a ball closer to the pin than Tiger and they each won a $42,000 Buick Rainier SUV.

One of the golfers has gotten into some hot water because of this though. Amateur golfer and reigning Orlando City champion Mike Freeman has lost his amateur status for one year because he accepted the prize. While that doesn’t seem fair given the nature of the setup (this wasn’t exactly Rick Neuheisel territory) as the ESPN article points out he will be netting some nice coinage from the vehicle and the royalties from the ads.

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Chip Cheaney October 18, 2003 at 4:56 pm

The rules ARE specific about prize acceptance (even if they are OUTDATED) so the Amatuer in the foursome should have told Tiger he was one and that he would DONATE the vehicle if he won. As a matter of fact, I think the amatuer had to sign a waiver that day stating they would not accept prizes, but maybe he decided the Rainer was worth it. I think it probably _IS_!!!


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