by john on July 12, 2003

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Are you a SortaGolfer? Take the quiz to find out. If you are anything like most recreational golfers the answer will probably be yes.

As SGA Commissioner Donn Glenn explains in his welcome letter, the core of SortaGolf is it’s seven amendments, which you most likely are following to some degree already:

Always Improve Your Lie
Double Bogey Is Max
Inside The Pole Is Good
One In-One Out
Any Found Ball Is Yours
Equipment, It’s All Good
Mulligan To Taste

The purpose of SortaGolf is to legitimize what high handicappers are doing already and in the process make the game, a game readily acknowledged to be different than one played by the pros and other scratch golfers, more enjoyable.

Am I a SortaGolfer? Well – to some degree. As I’ve said before I’m trying to play by the USGA rules more and more. At times it can be frustrating but it can also be satisfying too. I played Prestwick today and had a terrific front 9 of 41 that included a 230 yard blast out of a bunker to pin high just off the green, a terrific out from a buried lie and a flattened 3 iron punched out 150 yards from behind two trees with barely 4 feet of room between them. Tremendously satisfying shots. I could easily have improved my lies and never been forced to make those shots but then I would have missed something.

(I closed out the front by hitting a 300 yard drive and a 200 yard 4 iron to hit the par 5 in two. The 40 foot eagle putt never had a chance but I drained the 10 foot putt for birdie to close out the 41. On the back I forgot how to hit my driver and carded a 50. Ugh. Why do I play this game again?)

The spirit of SortaGolf is to make golf more enjoyable for everyone by freeing them from the bonds of guilt imposed by the USGA. It’s a noble cause and while it’s one I won’t be taking up I do think it has it’s place. For one thing it’s widespread adoption would speed up rounds and I’m all for that.

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