Jabberings #6

by john on July 15, 2003

Erin's Bear

I’ve had that image on the scanner for at least 9 months so I suppose Erin had just turned four when she drew it. She is a lot better at coloring between the lines now. I’d been too lazy to figure out what was wrong with the scanner but tonight when I installed another harddrive I used the opportunity to check on the scanner and discovered it was simply a loose card. I suppose that means more drawing scans for future posts!

Speaking of harddrives, Best Buy and Maxtor have teamed up for a great deal on harddrives. A Maxtor 40GB 7200 RPM drive for $89.99 less a $30 rebate from Maxtor and a $20 rebate from Best Buy for a total price of $39.99 for 40GB. A buck a Gig. Not bad. I bought two.

From Brad Choate: Doing your whole site with MT
This is in the same vein as my recent articles Adaptive Path MT Powered Site and The Power of Movable Type

From Kuro5hin: Blizzard Chess
A spoof on what would happen if a computer game maker was to revamp the classic game of chess via the traditional game balancing patches.

Zempt 0.3 is a fat-client entry editor and publisher for Movable Type. New to this version is the ability to create and edit posts offline, built in spellchecking and more. The offline feature is especially nice. A couple of things I would like to see:

* Support stylesheets in the preview pane. When I preview I really want to preview.
* Related to that, need to support Textile and other installed text filters. When I preview I don’t want to see the Textile markup, I want to see how it renders.
* Appears to be a bug with Spell Check. Even if I add words to my personal dictionary (why does it even prompt me for that??) it doesn’t recognize those words next time around.

All in all not bad though, am continuing to try it.

Don’t know if he came up with it or not, but the “end of Netscape” graphic used in Douglas Bowman’s Netscape Killed, Mozilla Freed is pretty inventive.

I’ve been buying $50 of Intel every month for the last nine years. It’s been tough to do the last few years as the stock has headed in the wrong direction but it looks now as if it could payoff as Intel posts better than expected numbers fueled by the sale of PC-based CPUs. Perhaps this is a sign that the pursestrings are starting to open up and those corporate upgrades are going to start up again.

Please tell me this internal memo from eBay is fake. Please.

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Joe Grossberg July 16, 2003 at 12:13 pm

eBay: Shut Up and Work!

I’m with John: I really, really hope this obnoxious memo is a fake….

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