The Money is Rolling In

by john on July 16, 2003

I get a ton of junkmail at work. It almost all goes straight to the trash. Today while I was pitching said garbage in left and right my eye was drawn to the return address on one of the nondescript envelopes. It was from Stillwater, MN which is just a couple of towns over from me. My curiosity piqued – I opened the mail.

PS - We attached the dollar to catch your eye.  While not intended as compensation, we hope you'll consider it a small token of appreciation for your help.

To my surprise there was a dollar bill clipped to the junk, which happened to be a survey from one of the trade magazines I subscribe to. I’ve seen this trick before – Prognostics once sent my a fiver (yes, during the internet boom) but on that one I seem to recall it being pretty obvious from the outside. Here there was just an envelope that looked like any other junk and only because I happened to notice the return address did I open it.

Now is where it gets really weird. After going through a few more pieces of junkmail I ran across another different looking but similarly plain looking envelope that had the name of a research company on it. “That smells like money,” I thought and sure enough, another crisp George Washington.

PS - The enclosed dollar bill, again, is only a token of our appreciation for your prompt response.

On this one they took pains to point out that it was my third notice, meaning I had already pitched two bucks out in the trash.

It’s not going to make me take the time to respond to any of this crap but I might have to take more care in opening some of that junk now, there could be a greenback waiting for me.

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