Kids Will Eat Anything

by john on August 4, 2003

It’s amazing to me how two kids from the same family can be so different. My 6 year old is about as finicky as it comes when it pertains to food. My 5 year old eats anything. Last night was a great example. I made poached Talapia, garden-fresh green beens and squid soup. Even my wife wouldn’t touch the soup. My daughter, the 5 year old who eats anything, ate a plate full of green beans and fish and then set her sights on the soup.

“What is it Daddy?”
“It’s squid soup.”
“Hmmm. You mean like Squidward? From Sponge Bob?”
“Yes Erin, it’s Squidward soup.” (I’m so bad)

That didn’t seem to stop her. We brought the soup out on the deck to eat and she carefully studied each piece as she plucked it from the broth.

“Is this his head?”
“Yep – in fact that is his head.”
“Is this his brains?”
“Nope, that’s a piece of tomato.”

She chowed the whole bowl. My son had a dish of Cheetos and a PB&J.

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