Hard Disk Viewer

by john on August 14, 2003

Hard Disk Map

SequoiaView is an application that allows you to view your hard drive visually, allowing you to see at a glance where the drive space is getting eaten up, either within a large directory or by individual files. After I installed the application I quickly noticed a 400MB .ZIP file that existed in 3 different folders and I also was able to easily see that a couple of unused applications were taking up gigabytes of storage (not visible in this screen shot which is only a portion of my drive). Install was smooth and easy and it’s free.

The concept driving this visualization is something called treemaps. Treemaps have a wide variety of applications from representing the hierarchy of files and folders within a hard drive like SequoiaView does to Smart Money’s Market Maps which provide a simple way to view the stock market.

Read Treemaps for space-constrained visualization of hierarchies for an informative, and colorful, understanding of treemaps.

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