Redesign for Jakob Nielsen

by john on August 15, 2003

Whenever I’ve stumbled across Jakob Nielsen’s website I’ve chuckled politely to myself – here is one of the supposed leading web usability experts and his website looks like shit. I don’t expect anyone to be thrilled with my design, but that isn’t what I do for a living. You put web usability expert in your title and maybe your site should reflect that.

Apparently others think the same as I and there is now a pretty serious effort called ReUSEIT put together to take a stab at seeing if it can be improved.

ReUSEIT is, to borrow a quote from the W3Remix contest, “a design challenge for coders, and a coding challenge for designers.” Here’s the idea: create a redesign of Jakob Nielsen’s Design a usable, intuitive layout and navigation, organize the content with usability in mind, and create a work of art which still reflects the importance and influence of Nielsen’s work.

This is NOT a Jakob Nielsen slam-fest. It is a legitimate design contest that Mr. Nielsen himself has given his blessing to. So don’t even think about it!

Impressive list of judges but it looks like they need some help getting some prizes put together.

Will be interesting to watch.

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