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by john on August 27, 2003

I’m back. I’m sure you missed me. Seven days out East for the four of us. First real family vacation, hopefully first of many – we had a ball. And I never checked email once (although I will admit to checking this site and deleting a porn spam comment). Here is the vacation in a nutshell: We visited Hershey and I didn’t eat any chocolate. We visited Philly and I didn’t eat a cheese-steak. We visited Atlantic City and I didn’t gamble. We visited Ocean City and I didn’t fish.

OK – I lied. I did sneak back to the Borgata in Atlantic City for some craps and blackjack at 2:30AM one morning when we were in Ocean City and was back just as the kids were waking up. As it turns out I would have been better off staying away, although I did pretty well at BJ which almost got me back to even. Borgata was pretty nice as can be expected but I was surprised to have to pay $3 for surface parking as I was leaving.

I have three words for any parent traveling with a 5 and 6 year old:


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