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by john on August 29, 2003

I played golf this week at Legends in Prior Lake. Highly recommend the course. Challenging but with a nice mix of wide fairways and reachable par 4s. Greens are like ice and many are undulating. Spend more time on the putting green than I did!

Legends has installed ParView in their golf carts which really enhances the round and helps a golfer new to the course compete against those who know the yardages. This system tells you everything you need to know about how far you are not only from the pin but front and back of the green, bunkers, water, etc. The ParView demo has some nice screenshots which capture it pretty well. You can use the system to score as well.

Now as nice as it is to know how far you are from the green there are times that what you really need is to find where that ball is that just went in the woods or the deep rough. Tracker chips embedded in golf balls. That would be cool. They have glow in the dark balls for night play, I’ve got to think putting RFID or something similar into a golf ball would be simple enough.

I know I’d be willing to pay a lot more for a ball that I was not liable to lose in anything but the middle of a lake.

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Ryan Prill March 31, 2004 at 11:02 am

I am writting an english paper stating how the new golf technology that is avalible to golfers is okay to use. Golfers shouldn’t come under attack for using this new technology. Businesses are not attacked for using laptop computers and wireless internet so why attack golfers for only using the new technology. I was wondering were you stand on this topic.

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