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by john on August 30, 2003

This great webalizer.conf file from Tristan and some performance problems I’ve been having with Sawmill has got me back to using Webalizer for web log analysis.

Tristan has spent a lot of time grouping referrers and user agents and that effort will pay off in improved analysis.


2008 UPDATE: I just use Google Analytics now.

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Daniel September 4, 2003 at 8:42 am

You mention Webalizer, which I once used and found to be a good log analysis. I had the same problem as Tristan had, that being the results are very inacurate, unless you do a LOT of hand coding (even then things still fell through the cracks).
My results using it were very misleading, as it does not by default remove all the non-human traffic (for example, search engines, downloaders, email haversters, etc).

I went looking for a stats program that took all this (and more) into account, and I found AWStats ( ). The lastest stable release is version 5.7 (2003-08-23), and I highly recomend it.

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