Amazon gets it

by john on September 2, 2003

While putting together Jonesing for a good book I decided it would be interesting to see how many books I have purchased on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In doing so I found YAEOWAR(Yet Another Example Of Why Amazon Rocks) – detailed order history.

On Amazon you can view your order history by order or by item. So to see all of the items I have ever purchased on there I can go to one page to see the results, sorted by type. They also include as a column the recipient which is a nice touch. I can quickly view items purchased this year, this month, etc. When viewing by order Amazon includes a list of items that make up the order on the same page as the order list, which makes it very easy to scan a list of order history and see what each included. And when I say history, I mean history – Amazon keeps the entire history of your transactions, in my case going back to 1997.

BN.COM is the anti-Amazon. I could find no way to get a list of items I have purchased and the order history page is very clumsy to use, only listing out the order header without any of the details – meaning that to see what made up an order you need to click into each order detail. Terrible. But even worse when BN.COM says history they only mean the last 18 months. I used to buy a ton of books on there because I had a credit card that paid off in reward credits that I could use on BN.COM but I have no idea what or how many books that was. It would be nice to know.

Amazon gets it. And because of that, they get the bulk of my business. And yours too, I’ll wager.

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