LA Story

by john on September 7, 2003

I feel lucky to be alive tonight. After landing in LA I hopped aboard a Super Shuttle to get to my hotel. As is usual with these guys when they have a light load (I was his only passenger) he circled around the terminals twice trying to find another fare or two. Finally, muttering under his breath, he gave up and headed on to the interstate. At breakneck speed. He was clearly pissed he only had a chance at one tip and he was going to make the fastest trip from the airport to Century Plaza in the history of empty shared shuttles.

This guy was hitting 15 MPH cloverleafs at 45. He was going 80 on the highway, with a sea of red taillights in front of him. All this with one hand on his little Super Shuttle computer doing who knows what. I actually took my seatbelt off at one point because I didn’t like how high up on my neck the shoulder belt was riding. I worried that if we did get into an accident that I’d get a severe neck laceration from the belt. But after another few miles of his driving I opted to put it back on – much better than going through the windshield, which at this point I thought was a distinct possibility.

I felt queasy to my stomach during the ride and when it was finally over I actually felt a wave of relief fall over me. Still gave him a tip out of habit though…

By the way you know you are in LA when your Cobb salad has water cress on it and you see more Ferrari in 5 minutes than you’ve seen in the last 5 years.

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