A Good Start

by john on September 9, 2003

No Fantasy Football for me this year but I did manage to win the picks pool this week with 13/16 right. We use a weighted ranking scale where most points wins and I managed to win despite losing my 16 (Miami) and 13 (Green Bay) games. Yes, that’s right I didn’t go with the Vikings. Fortunately it didn’t cost me. Since almost everyone will switch next week and go with the Vikes I have to think seriously about betting against them again, although for a lower point total. But against the Bears at home it has to be a lock, doesn’t it? If they do manage to lose it will signal a bad year for the home team.

Five years later and I still haven’t been back into Fantasy Football. I just found a didn’t enjoy football as much when as I was so into the players stats. Plus the channel flipping and constant checking of the Internet was driving my wife crazy.

This year I am in a new kind of office pool, where you only need to pick one winner per week and as long as you get that pick correct you continue on to the next week. One loss and you are done. The catch? Once you pick a football team you can’t use that same team again. I have 3 entries so this week (opening week of 2008) I picked New England, San Diego and Indianapolis. Each are big favorites.

So, no more fantasy football and hopefully this new kind of pick pool will keep me better grounded and not so crazy.

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