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by john on September 9, 2003

Joe jumps on the AdSense bandwagon. He writes:

I’m supposed to get a few cents every time someone clicks on of those text-only ads, which are supposed to be matched up to my site’s content.

That’s how I thought it worked too when I first signed up but I’ve since discovered it’s much better than that. Actually you will frequently get more than just a few cents for a click. I dug into this a little when I noticed that one day I got over a buck for a single click and was curious why. So I signed up for the other end of Google advertising, Google AdWords.

When you build an ad one variable you specify is how much you are willing to pay for a click. Some percentage of that goes to Google and some percentage of that goes to the person on whose website the ad shows. So if someone created an ad where they were willing to pay a couple bucks for a click and that ad finds it’s way to your site then you’ll do much better than just a few cents.

Kind of makes me want to identify which advertisers are paying the most for clicks and write lots of articles about their industry or product. If I did that, I would use Adsense Channels to maximize my adsense revenue.

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Joe Grossberg September 9, 2003 at 10:42 am

Yeah, I noticed that — it can be more than “a few cents”.

My questions are:

(1) how do you know which ads gave you which revenue

and, furthermore,

(2)how can you have any influence over which ads appear? As best I can tell, the only options are to significantly modify your content and/or blacklist a whole lot of sites.

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