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by john on September 23, 2003

Almost two months now into the AdSense program and things are going very well. Certainly a small site like mine will not generate enough traffic to get rich on this program, but it would easily pay the hosting fees for anyone who paid such things. Which I do not. OK, it easily covers my domain renewal.

I’m averaging #DELETED# per day. The best day to date was a #DELETED# day on only #DELETED# clicks – sure would be interesting to know the break down of that. Was it one #DELETED# click and #DELETED#”normal” clicks? That’s the problem, you just don’t know. I suppose there is no incentive for Google to share that information with you but it sure would be nice to know. Since Google doesn’t want you to share information on statistics I think I’ll just stop there.

Anil Dash makes some good observations in Making Sense of AdSense. His main point is a desire to understand better the approval process that Google uses. I think this comment says it best:

It should be called “Google Adsense Voodoo”, because it is completely random on who gets accepted. Reading Adsense related postings over at forums like, you’ll discover that people are added and dropped from their program all the time for no discernable reason.

They do accept personal sites, weblogs, etc. – but it’s become some sort of secret Ivy League Ad Club – everyone wants in, many don’t make it in, those who do make it in don’t know how they got there.

Posted by: jca on September 22, 2003 08:15 PM

I noticed that has Google ads prominently displayed at the top of some of their pages. Click on the Markets tab, for example. I think this is the first major commercial site I’ve seen using AdSense ads. It is interesting that they have managed to remove the “Ads by Google” tag but looking at the source code it is definitely Google. I wonder how they would feel about a MS Money ad showing up on their site?

When I first signed up for the program I wondered how Google could possibly afford to do this. But it quickly becomes obvious if you look at the other side of the ledger, which is Google’s AdWord program. Those are the people paying me, not Google. Google takes a chunk of the per click payment that an AdWord vendor has offered to pay and that is pure profit for them. They need to carefully balance the two programs to ensure that advertisers get good results on click-throughs but other than that it is a no-brainer for them. It’s a middle-man model that is even better than E*Bay.

Google AdSense makes sense. Sense for small website operators, sense for the advertisers who support it and sense for Google. Can’t go wrong with that.

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Miguel A Paraz August 9, 2004 at 11:49 pm

Re: Quicken – the ads are gone by now, but I assume it’s the Premium Publisher option.

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