The Mythical Million

by john on October 4, 2003

Dave Sifry of Technorati fame recently celebrated a milestone – one million weblogs tracked. He went on to opine that a new weblog is being created every 12 seconds. Technorati fans everywhere (of which I am one) celebrate the monumental achievement.

Well, it’s bunk.

For as long as I’ve used Technorati I’ve thought that what it considers a unique blog was a little suspect. For example, look at my Technorati Cosmos. As of right now it claims that I have 48 unique blogs linking to me for a total of 56 links. But a quick scan of the links tells me the number of actual unique weblogs is more like 23, about half of what is claimed.

How does this happen? Well in some cases weblog tools appear to confuse Technorati, such as scraprap, the tool Dan Shafer uses. It looks like scraprap creates a unique url every time his weblog gets updated, which causes Technorati to add it as a new blog. I complained to Dave about this a long time ago but it appears to be a difficult nut to crack.

Some people also setup multiple weblogs as an alternative method to using categories. Does anyone really consider Webdev and Wireless to be two different weblogs? Technorati does.

Technorati is a wonderful and useful resource and Dave has a lot to thump his chest about. But a million weblogs? Nope – not there yet.

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