Q3 2003 Zeitgeist

by john on October 5, 2003

It is that time again – another quarter has come and gone.

Average hits per day: 8,110 (+158%)
Average visitors per day: 469 (+41%)


That small gap in August was the unfortunate combination of me being out on vacation and a power failure that outlasted my UPS.

“catfish noodling” and “noodling” were the top two search terms in Q2 and they remain in the top 4 but “baklava” and “baklava recipe” are coming on strong. Those terms barely made a dent in Q2 but something is making people search a lot more for good baklava this quarter. It could also just be an indication of my Google ranking for those terms, where I am #1 for both “recipe baklava” and “baklava recipe”

Search phrase            Hits   Hits (%)
noodling                 3540   10.10%
how to smoke a cigar     3002   8.60%
coq au vin               2632   7.62%
catfish noodling         2108   6.01%
baklava recipe           1929   5.50%
baklava                  1404   4.05%
noodling catfish         1230   3.51%
noodling for catfish     429    1.22%
macro magic              368    1.05%
coq au vin recipe        365    1.04%
olive garden             347    0.99%
paypal scams             342    0.98%
bathroom etiquette       320    0.91%
herb brooks              276    0.79%
geek test                268    0.76%
recipe baklava           195    0.56%
quicken 2004             144    0.41%
joe millionaire winner   143    0.41%
quicken upgrade          141    0.40%
jedi master kid          135    0.39%

In Q3 there were 4,267 (+21%) unique search terms used to find my site. While I usually point out unique search terms in the Zeitgeist I have to say that I’ve become a bit sensitized and uninterested in the weird things people look for. Even so, there were a few that piqued my interest:

geek house projects. An interesting idea, a house made for geeks. Server closets, plenty of expansion tubes for unplanned cable runs, full house video cabling, etc. Sounds like a great project for Monster House!

damn microsoft terminal server tokens upgrade. I can just picture how frustrated this IT guy was when he did this search.

when is the next terrorist attack going to happen?. A small number of people search on this and related phrases as if the answer is on the Internet.

Thanks for visiting. See you next quarter.

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