Somebody sign this guy!

by john on October 10, 2003

So Manute Bol wants to be a jockey. A 7-foot-7 jockey. What the hell? Manute has tried both hockey and boxing after a less than stellar career in the NBA.

I don’t understand why he does these gimmicks when he could actually make a real impact in the NFL. Imagine having him play wide receiver in goal line situations. You throw the ball to him 12 feet up in the air, a ball that he snags with hands that easily palm a basketball. No problems with him getting hit – he can fall in from the 4 yard line.

Goal line specialist Manute Bol. Unstoppable.

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Steve October 14, 2003 at 9:16 am

Not only that, he’d be great for blocking field goals and extra points.

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